Flexographic printer under the rapid development of green

Release time:2016-7-19 16:33:10

Comply with environmental protection requirements, flexographic printer in recent years to the rapid spreading, become mainstream equipment carton printing. Currently, flexographic printer, there are two significant trends carried out: First, to enhance the production of power equipment, usually at the end of the line through the high power demand conditions to reduce the cost of generating power contest. Many companies in the purchase of cartons flexographic printer proposed production rate, for a single moment, the net roll replacement convenience, the anvil roll pads initiative trimming and other functions demand, competition will force directly to the company. The second is to carry out the fine print function, watermark and replace pre-printed offset, through the so-called Blue Ocean Strategy dividends. Adagio high function printers can produce more than 110 lines of printed materials, can completely replace pre-printed offset and, at the same time both the low production cost, quick order characteristics, competition advantage is obvious.



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