• LP300-UV Ink Jet Printing Machine
LP300-UV Ink Jet Printing Machine
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Product Introduction
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Performance and Characteristics

Integrative Design

Unwind Ink jet Solidify Inspect Waste Discharge Rewind

Technical Specification



Best Work Speed

30-50 m/min (K Series)

70-100 m/min (G Series)

Nozzle Service Life

≥2 Years

Best Work DPI

360X400DPI、 360X300DPI

Nozzle Width


Max. Printing Width


Max. Printing Unit


Printing Precision

Horizontal 360,  400, 500dpi

Vertical 180-720dpi

Highest Speed


Notes: With the viriation of the length to be printed, machine speed should be changed.

*lts overall dimension and manufacturing Process are subject to change without further notice.

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