• ZJP-N8033 Print Quality Inspection Rewinding Machine
ZJP-N8033 Print Quality Inspection Rewinding Machine
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Product Introduction
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Scope of Application

ZJP-N8033 is suitable for the printing quality inspection of cigarette label soft package reel products.

■ ZJP-N8033 is suitable for printing quality inspection and line slitting of self-adhesive label roll products such as medicine, food, daily chemical, electronic, anti-counterfeiting, etc.



Product Features

■ High-speed inspection (up to 240 metre/minute) to achieve productivity enhancement.

■ Equipped with imported servo motor, international advanced  web guide device, and closed loop tension control.

■ Optional defect review machine to achieve non-stop detecting which available to improve the efficiency of inspection.


Technical Specification



Maximum Inspection Width

30mm~240 mm,Customizable

Maximum Inspection Speed

0.08mm(width)×0.14 mm(Length)

Image Resolution


Minimum Defect Size (as a point)

0.15mm2(Contras t≧20)

Minimum Defect Size (as a line)(W x L)

0.15mm×5 mm(Contrast≧20)

Minimum Color Variances Detected

△E ≧ 3

Minimum Registration Deviation Detected

±0.2 mm

Material Thickness

0.08~0.4 mm

Maximum Rewind Diameter

800 mm / 650 mm

Core Inner Diameter ¢76 mm,¢150 mm

Module (Optional)

Supervision Code, 2D Code, etc.

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